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Privacy Notice



INDUSTEX, S.L. ( accords the highest priority to making sure that any personal data we collect from you over this website, by email or by any other medium of communication is kept private and confidential.

In this statement of our privacy policy (hereinafter the “Policy”), INDUSTEX, S.L. informs website Customers and Users about the Company’s personal data protection policy so that you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to provide INDUSTEX, S.L. ( with your personal data when you send us a query, ask us for information or comments, or register with any of the services offered by INDUSTEX, S.L.

INDUSTEX, S.L. hereby undertakes to abide by the requirements of the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/99, Spanish Royal Decree 994/1999 on computer-file security, and all other applicable laws and regulations.

This Policy addresses the following points:

  1. Ownership of files
  2. Collection and processing
  3. Use of cookies
  4. Links
  5. Sharing and/or disclosure of information
  6. Security measures
  7. Rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection
  8. Duty of confidentiality
  9. Changes in the law

In accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/99, Article 5, which deals with data subjects´ right to be informed about the collection of their data, INDUSTEX, S.L. ( informs you of the following:

1. Ownership of files

INDUSTEX, S.L., having its registered office at Av. P. Catalanes, 34 - 8a planta, 08950 Esplugas de Llobregat (Barcelona), Spain, holding Spanish tax code (CIF) B08984056, its email address for the purposes of this Policy being, is the owner of the files in which your personal data are recorded. INDUSTEX, S.L. is also the party responsible for processing the data.

2. Data collection and processing

Personal data. INDUSTEX, S.L. ( may ask you, the Customer or User, to use an online form to provide personal data.

Any personal data you provide over the website, by email or by any other medium of communication are entered in a computer file (hereinafter the “Personal Data File”) which is compliant with the requirements of the laws and regulations currently in force in Spain .

In any online form used to obtain personal data, compulsory data fields are marked with an asterisk (*). If you decline to provide the data in these fields, or provide false or inaccurate data, we shall be unable to provide the relevant service. INDUSTEX, S.L. accepts no liability for any problem or error arising out of inaccurate, false or incomplete data provided by a User.

Response to fields not marked with an asterisk is optional. If you decline to respond, the provision of our services will remain unaffected.

You, the Customer/User, warrant that the personal data provided to INDUSTEX, S.L. are accurate, and accept responsibility for notifying INDUSTEX, S.L. of any change to your data.

Purpose. INDUSTEX, S.L. will process the personal data by automated means. The purpose of data collection and automated processing is to:

  1. Carry out and maintain any relations between INDUSTEX, S.L. and its Customers/Users, such as the performance, management, administration, provision, extension and improvement of INDUSTEX, S.L. services requested by Customers/Users; and bring those services into line with Users’ preferences and design new related services.
  2. Provide the service of online information and download of documents, products and services from the website (
  3. Reply to Customers´/Users´ queries.
  4. Send, by conventional and/or electronic means, technical, operational and business information on INDUSTEX, S.L. services.
  5. Conduct research on Customers´/Users´ use of the services.

The purpose of personal data collection and automated processing further includes the posting of survey questionnaires, to which you are under no obligation to reply.

Consent: By sending any information by email or using any kind of online form bearing personal data, you, the Customer/User, expressly and categorically give your consent to INDUSTEX, S.L. ( to enter your personal data in the Personal Data File and process such data by automated means in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

You, the Customer/User, expressly and categorically give your consent and authority for INDUSTEX, S.L. to share the personal data with those parties whose involvement is needed to attain the purposes set out in this Policy.

Whenever INDUSTEX, S.L. ( asks you for personal data, it will include a link to this Policy so as to inform you of your rights and duties relating to personal data protection.

Data processor: INDUSTEX, S.L. may hire any individual or body corporate under contract to process the personal data on behalf of INDUSTEX, S.L., on its own or in conjunction with others. If it does so, INDUSTEX, S.L. will specify in its contracts with such third parties the terms of use and confidentiality of the personal data, in accordance with this Policy and Article 12 of the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/99.

3. Use of cookies INDUSTEX, S.L. ( may use cookies when you browse any of our web pages.

A cookie is a text file that a website stores on your hard drive; it contains information about your use of the website, but not personal data. When you close down your browser, the cookie stored on your hard drive stops working.

INDUSTEX, S.L. ( reserves the right to use cookies to provide you with more effective online services. Accepting our cookies saves time, because you will not have to log in repeatedly. In addition, use of cookies lets us profile your interests, so that we can make our website more useful and easier to use.

You can set your browser to warn you on screen when a cookie is about to be installed and give you the option of rejecting it. If you do not want cookies to be installed on your hard drive, remember to configure your browser settings accordingly. You can still navigate our website when you set your browser to reject cookies, with the only drawback that not all our services will be available to you.

INDUSTEX, S.L. accepts no liability for cookies installed on your hard drive by third parties unrelated to our services.

4. Links

To provide you with additional information and ease of use, the website may include links to third-party websites. If you use those links, you will leave the website The third-party websites operate independently from INDUSTEX, S.L. in no way controls those websites, nor is it responsible for their content and privacy practices, which may differ from those of INDUSTEX, S.L. (

INDUSTEX, S.L. accepts no liability in connection with third-party websites or their content, software or other products or materials you may find there, or the consequences of use of any of the above, or any data processing such websites may conduct, or any outcome or consequence of using such websites. The INDUSTEX, S.L. ( Privacy Policy does not cover any personal data you may provide to third parties unrelated to INDUSTEX, S.L.

Before you send personal information to a website, INDUSTEX, S.L. recommends that you read its privacy policy. Some businesses may decide to share your personal data with INDUSTEX, S.L. This process will be conducted in accordance with those businesses’ privacy policies and current laws and regulations on personal data protection.

5. Sharing and/or disclosure of information

INDUSTEX, S.L. will not share your personal data. If for any reason INDUSTEX, S.L. must share the data, it will seek your consent for such disclosure.

6. Security measures

INDUSTEX, S.L. ( has taken all the technical and organisational steps needed to ensure that personal data are secure and to prevent any alteration, loss, or unauthorised processing or access. These security measures are those set out in Spanish Royal Decree 994 of 11 June 1999.

However, you, the Customer/User, should be aware that INDUSTEX, S.L. cannot guarantee absolute security, because no Internet security measures are wholly invulnerable. INDUSTEX, S.L. accepts no liability for any damages or loss of profit suffered by Customers/Users or any other third party.

7. Rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection

If you, the Customer/User, have provided your data to INDUSTEX, S.L. (, you may write to INDUSTEX, S.L., as controller of the file containing your personal data, to exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection with respect to the data in the file.

Given the highly personal nature of these rights, you must prove your identity to INDUSTEX, S.L., which reserves the right to take the necessary steps to confirm your identity.

Access rights are exercisable on an annual basis, except on demonstrated legitimate grounds.

After confirming your identity, INDUSTEX, S.L. will notify you of its decision within a month. If INDUSTEX, S.L. agrees to your accessing the data, you may access the data within a term of 10 days following the relevant notice.

If you think the personal data in our files are inaccurate, incomplete, unsuitable or excessive, you may exercise your rights of rectification, erasure and objection on the following terms. You may exercise your rights by any of the means set out above.

After confirming your identity, INDUSTEX, S.L. will implement the effects of your rectification, erasure or objection within 10 days from receipt of your request.

Erasure will give rise to the blocking of the relevant personal data. The data will be kept internally for three years, being available only to government authorities and courts of law for the purposes of dealing with any liabilities arising out of the data processing. At the end of that term, the data processor will finally destroy the data.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection by writing to:

Av. P. Catalanes 34, 8a planta
08950 - Esplugas de LLobregat, Barcelona, Spain

8. Duty of confidentiality

INDUSTEX, S.L. hereby undertakes to respect the professional confidentiality with regard to the data entered in the files. This duty will survive the end of relations between INDUSTEX, S.L. and you, the Customer/User. This duty of confidentiality extends to all INDUSTEX, S.L. staff who may access and/or process your data.

9. Changes in the law

INDUSTEX, S.L. ( reserves the right to change this Policy to bring it into conformity with any new developments in legislation or case law, in standard codes of conduct on data protection, or in the Company’s strategy.

We shall announce any such changes on our website with the required advance notice. Furthermore, we may seek the consent of parties concerned if such consent could be construed as not having been given in accordance with this Policy.

If you have any queries or comments on this Policy, please do not hesitate to write to us at