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Policy on our use of cookies

We use cookies with the aim of offering an improved service and providing you with an improved browsing experience. For your safety and peace of mind we would like to explain what a cookie is, for what we use them and how you can turn them off if you wish.


¿What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small “bites” that are stored on the hard drive of the device you are using to browse (computer, Smartphone, Tablet, console, TV,…).

These include data on how you are using our website, which we use to adjust the setting to your preferences, use, interests. In no case do they store personal information such as personally identifiable information, payment details, etc..

Cookies are not dangerous for your device and help us give you an improved service and help solve problems you may have browsing our website.

Nowadays, if you use the Internet widely for all types of websites and services, they are indispensable.


¿What cookies do we use?

First party (generated by us) or third party:

  • First party cookies: They are generated by our web domains or servers and are used to improve the service you ask for.
  • Website and third party cookies: Are generated by websites and services not managed by us but other organizations we collaborate with. For example, social networks, search engines, payment systems,..


Cookies can either be session or persistent:

  • Session cookies: Session cookies are only stored in your browser memory for the duration of your visit to the website, so none are permanently stored on your device. The information obtained from these cookies is used to tailor the use of our website to your preferences.
  • Persistent cookies: are stored in your browsers memory and consulted every time that you Access our website. We use them to record your login username and make it easier for you to login. These cookies are not permanent and have an expiry date, after which they are deleted from your system.


¿How can I disable and/or delete cookies?

You can block or delete cookies stored on your hard drive by using your browsers configuration preferences (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari,…).

If they are blocked or deleted, some web services that generated them can change their operation or even stop working altogether.  

Use the following links to see information on how to configure cookies for the most widely used browsers: